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If history holds true, President Donald Trump is about to enter a rougher period of his presidency.
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The most current forecasts show Republicans are likely to lose the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, while maintaining their narrow majority in the Senate. That would mean new Democratic-led investigations and gridlock on his legislative agenda.

But that doesn’t mean that Trump is in trouble when it comes to his own re-election. In fact, there are a few numbers that might leave him optimistic about the overall state of his presidency as he heads into its next phase.

Here’s a closer look.

He’s doing well among Republicans
One reason that Trump’s approval ratings are so stable: Republicans and Democrats have largely made up their minds.

In fact, Trump’s approval rating is more polarized than any president since Dwight Eisenhower, with an average of 84% of Republicans saying they approve of his performance and an average of just 7% of Democrats saying the same, according to Pew Research Center data collected over the past year and a half.

Trump’s approval among Republicans is comparable to the numbers other presidents have received from members of their own party, though he’s doing much more poorly among Democrats. By comparison, an average of 31% of Democrats approved of Ronald Reagan’s job performance and an average of 23% approved of George W. Bush, according to Pew.

Those numbers have also not changed. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans, people who lean Republican, Democrats and people who lean Democratic have remained largely stable.

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