Will Donald Trump Be Remembered As One Of The Greatest Presidents In Our Lifetime? Sign The Petition

Robert Kennedy Jr dropped a Trump sensation live on CNN, saying that Donald Trump could be "the best president ever."

To dissidents, there is nothing more horrendous than if a liberal says that President Donald Trump isn't a terrible individual. Except if they do it live on CNN. Moreover, that liberal happens to be a Kennedy.

Wear Lemon started by asking Robert Kennedy Jr how he felt about examinations between the Trump family and the Kennedys. Clearly Lemon expected that RFK Jr would shoot that line of thinking down.
Lemon wasn't set up for what came straightaway.

"Well I think Donald Trump can be any kind of president he needs. He has this sensational open entryway since he's coming into office less stacked by responsibility than apparently any president in our history, with the possible exclusion of Andrew Jackson," Robert Kennedy Jr said.

"Them two, Jackson and Trump, came in, people were sickened, people were offended, and he pushed toward getting to be, except if you were a Native American, an extraordinary president at ensuring the country against corporate power, and genuinely democratizing American from different perspectives.

"He said to Leonardo di Caprio that he should be the accompanying Teddy Roosevelt, and he can without quite a bit of a stretch do that."

Lemon was in stagger now, and didn't have even an inkling how to fill the most recent seconds of the gathering. He stunned and made a request that didn't look good: "Do you think the new Kennedys, do you envision that is a sensible contention?"

Like I expressed, I figure he can be any kind of president he needs, I figure he can be the best president ever," Robert Kennedy Jr said.  


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  1. Yes he will be the greatest potus of all time...he allready is...

  2. President Donald Trump is a good president now and will be the greatest president in the near future.

  3. President Trump has proven to be one of the greatest Presidents in my life time. The Democrats don't want the American people to know, see, or experience the success Donald J. Trump has brought to this country so they try to destroy him. It's a sickning thing, but he will not back down no matter how hard the punches are. I love him for that, he's a hero in my eyes. He is my President and I'm so very proud.