Impeach Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Sign The Petition

AOC is not qualified, dangerously ill informed and poorly educated, socialist ideology and hurting American constituents. 
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AOC has no valuable experience to bring to the "governing" job she holds.  She was only elected by 4% of the people in her district.

Remove Alexandria Ocasio Cortez From Congress

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a bias, ill educated outspoken member of Congress, that just supports a radical hateful agenda, not for "We The People". The agenda of Alexandria is to work against, and not with the GOP,

 and to literally "dance" and take her job as a light entertainment "gig" that gives her a title, housing, and a large paycheck.

A 30 year old adult, does not get to coddle herself, present herself as a victim, and use unbecoming language, nor "dance" on Twitter. She engages with a "hate group" which goes against the Constitution,

and bullies members of Congress like Steve Scalise & our President, with actual hate speech. We cannot allow for Congress to conduct themselves in this manner, ever. She needs to be removed.

Remove Alexandria Ocasio Cortez From Congress

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