Trump Drops Veto Hammer On Democrats – Saves America’s Border Wall

Democrats tried to stop him – but Donald is putting an end to their charade.

Ronald Reagan said the border was in crisis. Bill Clinton said the border was in crisis. George Bush Sr. AND George Bush Jr. said the border was in crisis.

Even liberal Obama said the border was in crisis.

But when Trump says, “Let’s fix the border crisis”, liberals lose their collective minds.

The Democrats in Congress aren’t done being the party of “No”, and are doing everything in their power to block Trump’s national emergency declaration.

But Donald’s is going to smash through the Democrat obstruction with a tool he’s never used before: his veto power.

From The Hill:

The White House on Tuesday formally threatened to veto a resolution making its way through Congress that would terminate President Trump’s emergency declaration to secure funding for a wall along the southern border.

Trump knows that the Democrats’ plan to stop the wall from being built is nothing but another attempt to undermine his authority.

They’re willing to put American lives at risk if it means making sure Trump doesn’t get his way.

But the border wall has nothing to do with Trump “getting his way”. He made his argument perfectly clear:

“The problem of large-scale unlawful migration through the Southern Border is enduring, and, despite the Administration’s use of existing statutory authorities, in recent years the situation has worsened in certain respects,” it said.

The Democrats are limiting the Trump administration’s “ability to respond effectively to the ongoing crisis at the Southern Border,” which is the exact reason Americans voted him into office.

Unfortunately, it looks like three Republican Senators are in cahoots with the Democrats, and they have already said they plan to vote for the Democrats’ resolution to stop the emergency declaration.

But these traitorous votes mean nothing because the President is going to veto the resolution, and there’s no way Congress can override it because the Democrats don’t have the two-thirds majority in each chamber that they need to do so.

Thank God for Donald Trump!

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