Trump Announces Food Stamp Change – Finds All The Border Wall Money

Democrats said it couldn’t be done – but Donald found a way.

Many Republican leaders vowed to eliminate the Welfare state. But only Donald Trump is doing it.

Thanks to Obama, food stamp usage reached record highs during his administration.

President Trump, as in so many other areas, is fixing Obama’s mistake. Thanks to him, record numbers of people are working and no longer need food stamps.

We just reached a major milestone, and we’re sure Trump is proud of it.

From Daily Wire:

Enrollment in the [food stamp] program has dropped by 3,899,257, according to the latest data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)… That means SNAP enrollment is the lowest its been in a decade.

This drop has saved taxpayers more than $5 billion A MONTH. That’s $60 billion a year.

That could pay for the border wall over and over each year.

That’s nearly 4 million Americans no longer taking tax dollars to put food on the table. They are getting off government programs and earning a living.

That’s the American way, after all.

Nobody wants people sitting at home, living off the taxpayer’s dime. Where is the dignity in that?

President Trump has tightened work requirements so able-bodied people can’t cheat the system (looking at you, millennials!).

That also ensures the elderly and sick aren’t lost in the cracks.

Now, only people who really need food stamps will get them.

Everyone else can seek out good-paying jobs, affording food for themselves and their families.

And Democrats have no excuse to say we don’t have the money to build a wall.

That’s something every American can celebrate.

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