An American Company Is Offering To Build 234 Miles Of Border Wall For $1.4 Billion

Yep and that company is Fisher Sand and Gravel Co— =nope not Fisher Price and they aren’t using Tonka trucks.

They’re also offering to do it for a lot less than the $8 billion dollars allotted for the project.
“Our Wall Will Work!

Let us prove to you on our penny! We will construct 1 mile of border protection on land we purchased in rugged/mountainous terrain to show you our wall works in every condition.” the Company tweeted.
 Washington Examnier reported that “a U.S. company is offering to build 234 miles of President Trump’s border wall for just $1.4 billion, a fraction of the $8 billion the Trump administration is hoping to use for that project.

Fisher Sand and Gravel Company’s President and CEO Tommy Fisher said the government is overpaying and that for $4.31 billion, he can build the wall and incorporate paved roads and border technology plus warranty.

“Our whole point is to break through the government bureaucracy,” Fisher told the Washington Examiner. “If they do the small procurements as they are now … that’s not going to cut it.”

Of the $8 billion Trump is hoping to spend, he already has $1.375 billion of that amount from Congress, which can only be used to build fencing in the Rio Grande Valley.

Trump is seeking to repurpose another $3.1 billion in defense funding for more border wall and $3.6 billion more through his emergency declaration that Congress and the courts will challenge.

Should they build the wall? Should Mexico build the wall? At this point does it really matter if Bob the Builder builds the damn wall? We need the wall folks. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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