BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Admits Trump Is Better Than Hillary In Leaked Email

How far did the DNC truly go to deny Bernie Sanders the Democrat nomination in 2016 and to try to install Hillary Clinton as President? We may never truly know.

We know Hillary had a deal with the Russians thanks to leaked emails Wikileaks obtained. But we do know that Sanders agrees with the majority of America that Hillary Clinton would have been the “worst case scenario” for America.

“You know, Mr. Trump, he and I disagree on a lot. But I actually do like some of his policies,” Sanders said in a leaked email to Green Party candidate Jill Stein The Daily Beast obtained.

The article was published — and quickly unpublished — Friday. “I think he’s got it about right on trade. I’d change a few things, but he’s tough on China and Russia.”

“Do you think he’s better than Hillary?” Stein replied. “I agree with you on your points. I think she would have been a disaster.”

“Hillary would have had us at war in the Middle East again,” Sanders replied. “I think she would have been very dangerous.”

The Daily Beast unpublished the article after two minutes. It’s unclear why, but it seems that the Clinton-allied publication felt it would damage her chances when she runs again in 2020. It’s possible that the information is being saved for a future Sanders smear piece.

Even the socialist Bernie Sanders knows that President Trump is doing a great job. The Democrat Party has no hope in 2020.

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