Sean Spicer Just Exposed Schumer & Pelosi’s Hypocrisy on the Border Wall Funding

Everyone’s favorite former White House press secretary Sean Spicer stopped by Fox News today where he spoke about the ongoing government shutdown because the Democrats refuse to allow President Trump to protect our borders from people pouring over the border illegally.

“Anybody with a brain will recognize that we need a combination of border wall and fencing along the southern border.”

Spicer makes an excellent point and one that we continue to see day-in and day-out with the Democrats. They continue to vote the opposite of what they have voted for in the past simply because they don’t like President Trump.

“…if we take Trump’s name out of it; if we call it the “Schumer border security bill, they’d probably pass it. The only reason they are against it is because it’s Trump.”

He then offered further proof that Democrats are playing politics when they should be protecting the American people.

“all 54 Senate Democrats [in 2013] voted for $40 million for border security — including 700 miles of fencing.”

Spicer had another brilliant idea of just giving the $5 billion to the Border Patrol and letting them spend it as they see fit since they are out fighting for our safety every single day.

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