President Trump Just Made Trey Gowdy The Most Powerful Man In Capitol Hill

For five years, Trey Gowdy asked the Oval Office for the tools necessary to do his job properly, and for five years he was told “no” by the Obama administration.

One of the most difficult parts of Trey Gowdy’s job as congressional inquisitor is security clearance. When investigating people who held titles like “Secretary of State” and “Special Aide to the President” or even “President,” Gowdy runs into the issue of security clearance all the time.

“It’s a matter of national security” has become a term Mr. Gowdy hears far too often. It is the single-best excuse Hillary Clinton and her lawyers have been able to come up with when they don’t have an actual answer to his questions.

President Trump has just removed that blockade. By executive order, Trey Gowdy has been given the highest security clearance possible. He could now sit in on presidential intel briefings if he felt he needed to.

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  1. Right on President Trump. Trey Gowdy is a GOOD Man, he is thorough, concise,and persistent. He tells it like it is and he doesn't Sugarcoat anything. The President can count on Mr Gowdy to do anything that he tasks him with. I believe Trey Gowdy loves our great country just as much as President Trump does. They both do SUPERB work. The Dynamic Duo !

  2. I thought Trey Gowdy is resigning????