Even The View Slammed Romney Over His Op-Ed

The View hosts had some interesting comments about Mitt Romney’s harsh criticism on President Trump.

From Mediaite:

During a discussion of Romney’s stunning op-ed slamming the president, Goldberg wondered why Romney had accepted Trump’s endorsement if he had such bad feelings for him. Behar and Sunny Hosting were also skeptical, calling Romney a “shapeshifter” as they recalled how Romney wanted to become Secretary of State under Trump.

However, McCain took the discussion in a completely new direction, slamming Ronna McDaniel for her response to Romney’s op-ed.
“Where I come from in political families, you do not attack people you’re related to no matter what happens,” McCain said.

Hostin went on to question whether Romney has any real principles or political core, given his track record.

“He is for himself. He’s a shapeshifter. He says and does what he needs to do for self-preservation. I don’t think he has a real moral center.”

McCain finished by expressing doubt that Romney can reinvent himself if that’s what he’s relying on for the basis of his “weird comeback.” What are your thoughts on this folks? Thank you for reading.

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